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Traffic Theme Kids Rugs Game Carpets for Children (52"X75") 100X150cm - Rattanglobal

Traffic Theme Kids Rugs Game Carpets for Children (52"X75") 100X150cm

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Kids Rugs Traffic Design Antislip Antialergetic Game Carpets for Kids 
 (52"X75") 100X150cm
Product features
  • Washable at 30 ° C in the washing machine
  • Anti Slip 
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Anti Bacterial
Technicial Specifications
  • 100% Polyamide
  • Total Carpet Weight: 1275 gr / m2
  • Yarn Height: 3 mm
  •  (52"X75") 100X150cm
Carpet is soft and comfortable
No other ground floor is as soft and comfortable as the carpet.
  • Provides a soft and warm touch
  • Provides comfort to the feet
  • A warm room atmosphere
  • Antistatic protection for life
Carpet is Fashionable and Creative
No other floor upholstery carpet can offer up color, pattern and design options.
  • Unlimited color and pattern option
  • Adapt to personal preferences
  • Suitable for all kinds of decoration style
  • Creates the atmosphere of the room you want
Carpet is Durable
There is no other flooring up to the carpet so it can not offer greatness along with comfort.
  • It's funny. Under pressure
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Beautiful appearance protects for many years
  • Good quality with the right choice of fibers
Carpet is Healthy and Safe
No other ground floor carpet is as safe and healthy.
  • Reduce the air in the air
  • Prevents slipping and accidents
  • Spine and joint are friends
  • Reduce stresses by reducing cows