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Arm Chair Suede Yelllow 21"X24"X33" - Rattanglobal

Arm Chair Suede Yelllow 21"X24"X33"

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Bergama Arm Chair Suede Yelllow


Bergama  Arm Chair increases strength and durability. Suede cover disperses pressure to prevent imprints when stacking.  Ergonomic fit and support. Tailored soft fabric seat with layered foam provides all-day comfort. Wall-saver design keeps the back from scraping against paint or wall coverings. Stacks up to four high on the floor for quick rearrangement in multi-purpose rooms.


  • Strength and durability
  • Stylish Model
  • Suitable for living rooms, kitchens and hotel rooms
  • Color:Yellow
  • 21"X24"X33"